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Schools can find, vet, and acquire hard-to-find talent seamlessly. Teachers get comprehensive curriculum development and classroom automation. Everyone wins.

1000s of Educational Resources

1000s of Educational Resources

End-to-end Interview Service, Fully Automated

End-to-end Interview Service, Fully Automated

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Stop writing, and start teaching.

Teachers write and rewrite curriculum year after year, with no tangible improvement in student performance or teacher workflow. That has to change. Delegating the arduous task of writing curriculum to someone else frees teachers up to do what they are good at: teaching.


Stop searching, and start leading.

A database is not a recruitment plan. The sourcing, vetting, documenting, and interviewing of quality talent can be done on your behalf. All of the information you need is waiting on demand.


Stop fretting, and start connecting.

Why do teachers spend so much time on such small details? Your students don’t care. They want you. We can help you with automating your gradebook, attendance, and your data collection in general. 


Stop guessing, and start knowing.

There are too many teacher profiles that remain unverified. That’s unacceptable. You should receive a guarantee that the person you are hiring is legitimate.


Here are some answers to your common questions here.

Full Marks is a one-stop shop for teachers and schools to become more impactful. Impact might be thought of as the measurable output for a given amount of input. In this sense, spending countless hours grading work, interviewing unpromising candidates, or generally engaging in any form of busywork is not impactful. Getting your time back, leveraging into better paying positions, or gaining the respect and admiration of the school community is.

We help you become more impactful by automating away the small details. We save you hundreds of hours by automating your data collection, workflow, curriculum development, hiring process, and document processing. The value of the investment could not be clearer.